Watch What Happens in Colly-Fore-Nya

California is the leading state adopting new regulations governing alternative-fuel vehicles, emission standards, and fuel requirements. It’s interesting to follow what happens in California, as it influences decisions made in several other states and in Washington, D.C.

According to Sacramento Business Journal, this is how the California Energy Commission plans to use funds, to bolster renewable and alternative fuel production – and it’s interesting to see such diversity in program funding – for electrics, hydrogen fuel cells, ethanol, and natural gas and to a lesser extend biodiesel and propane:

  • Electric Drive; $46 million; to convert hybrid electric vehicles to plug-in hybrid vehicles, electrify operations at ports and truck stops, develop and demonstrate hybrid electric technologies for trucks, increase electric charging stations, provide incentives to locate manufacturing facilities for electric vehicle components in the state.
  • Hydrogen: $40 million to increase the number of hydrogen fueling stations
  • Ethanol: $12 million to increase production that use waste materials as feed stock and to increase the Ethanol-85 fueling stations.
  • Renewable Diesel/Biodiesel: $6 million
  • Natural Gas: $43 million to purchase natural gas vehicles for ports, school districts and public fleets, increase the number of fueling stations and develop biomethane production plants
  • Propane: $2 million, Purchase school buses and vehicles for public fleets
  • Other: $27 million to establish workforce training programs, continue research, launch public outreach programs, develop standards, and others

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