Public Charging Stations Way Too Expensive

Today I sat in on an Electric Drive Transportation Association conference call on the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and what utilities are doing to grow them. Comments were made about public charging stations (ie, shopping malls, parking garages, public transit stations) being way too expensive, and help is needed from outside investors. These could be property owners, municipalities, employers, stadiums, etc.

I was thinking about what I recently heard an ex-CEO of a major utility say during a mayor reelection campaign chat (his identity will remain anonymous, if that’s possible). When asked if more public charging stations will be coming to his town soon, he said probably not. Utilities have to spend lots of bucks on revamping very old power plants, which is way more important than electric vehicles. Perhaps this is accurate and helps explain why outside investors are required for public charging to grow in any significant way?


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    mike keller said,

    Seems like selling the idea of stations to major facilities is a possibility. Hospitals, industries[ whats left of them], sports facilities, Universities, so they can provide a service to their employees/customers in lieu of monetary increases, and as promos.

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