Sergeants in the green machine trenches

Coordinators who run Clean Cities programs around the country consider themselves to be in the trenches of the war for green machines. They might not be generals, but they are much more like sergeants, and maybe a few of them are 2nd lieutenants. They get things done and know everyone and everything that needs to happen in a given city or state.

Dept. of Energy started up the Clean Cities program in 1994 as a government-industry partnership sponsored by DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Program. There are 90 local coalitions and more than 6,500 stakeholders, and Clean Cities’ mission is to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector. This means that a metro area or an entire state might have coalitions meeting regularly to gain access to federal grants for electric vehicle charging stations, or a biodiesel storage tank, or five propane-powered buses to a transit agency. The coalitions are made up of corporate and government fleet managers, OEMs and technology suppliers, and a variety of nonprofit organizations; these NPOs might include the Clean Cities coordinators and their staff. These are people to get to know if you want to gain business in green transportation.


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