Automtove Digest Weekly Green Going Through Changes

Automotive Digest Weekly Green will be revamped before too long. As I dig into this deeper and network with leaders in the world of green cars and transportation, I get that there are a handful of communities to cover and reach. The new section categories will be Plug-in & Hybrid Electric Vehicles (clearly the big category at least for now); OEMs and Suppliers; Alternative Fuels & Vehicles (covering natural gas, propane, and biofuels); and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. Other changes include renaming Get Reel as Video News & Views (since some people don’t know that we show videos). Green Conference Planning Guide will stay there as important events come up all the time, and they’re the best way to increase education, networking, and marketing. We’ll also soon be starting a blog called Green Machine Digest. If you’re burning to tell the story of alt-fuel fuel vehicles and green transportation and want to build your name and relationships in the field, this is perfect. I will be in touch with a few people. We’re also starting up an Editorial Advisory Board with monthly conference call meetings to find out where ADW Green should be going. That will tie into the blog as well. So stay tuned, the adventure continues. Check out the website and click on Newsletters to see ADW Green and other pubs.


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