Hello Car Buffs and Sci-Fi Nerds!

I’ve been covering alt-fuel/green vehicles on and off since the early 1990s, but it’s gotten much more interesting in the past couple of years. To be in this world, you’ve got to wear a few hats for all this to sink in – engineer, scientist, policymaker, car buff, and sci-fi nerd. It can get tedious, long winded, and confusing.

Questions can arise such as: Why did this organization just release a report on the extraordinary benefits of (Fill in the Blank) alternative fuel? Why is this automaker focusing on hybrids but not on plug-ins or pure electrics? Corn ethanol has become controversial – so what will replace it and when? Is this company really committed to going green, or just wants to look good?

Much to chew over. It does make for a lively, fun, and fascinating topic to explore.


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