Plug-in 2010 Coming Soon

I recommend that you go to Plug-in 2010, which is taking place July 26-29 in San Jose, which in the ’70s and ’80s used to be thought of as the capital city of Silicon Valley. It’s probably no accident that this show started in SJ two years ago and is sponsored by Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Electric Power Research Institute. It is a high tech game to play, and there’s more commitment to plug-in electric vehicles making it in the bay area than anywhere else so far. If you’ll be there, let me know and I’ll set up a video interview with you. What I liked about going last year in my hometown of Long Beach was that you got to meet people on both sides of the aisle – the electric utility companies and their network of providers, and automakers and their suppliers. Some parties were in both camps such as charging station providers. They’re actually serving as the bridge between them. Utilities don’t want to invest heavily in charging stations – they have a lot of money to invest in upgrading very old power station technology and other high priorities to deal with. And government agencies pushing plug-ins have their limits, too. So you need companies like Better Place, Coulomb Technologies, and AeroVironment to make it happen, or it might not happen at all. So let me know if you’ll be there – we have a lot to talk about.


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    Mindy Berman said,

    On behalf of Plug-In 2010 (full disclosure), thanks for the “plug” for this exciting event. We continue to add speakers and exhibitors. We encourage those interested to check out our website at for the latest updates. It’s definitely an exciting time in the plug-in and EV world!

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