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Check out Active GMD Blog

The Green Machine Digest blog is actually up and running. Not perfect but good enough to get it started. Whatever subject comes to mind green car related, write something – Will hydrogen fuel cell vehicles succeed at last? Are plug-ins the answer or will hybrids play a stronger role in the next decade? What biofuels are worth believing in? Do you work in the green industry, sustainability sector? Anyways, check it out at


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Green Machine Digest Starting Soon

Automotive Digest Weekly’s blog Green Machine Digest will start up on Thursday. It’s happening at a time when we’ve just made some changes to ADW Green that have been talked about since attending recent industry events, getting reader feedback, and putting out the newsletter for three quarters of a year. More than once, we’ve received feedback on the importance of starting up a blog for opinions, perspectives, debates, etc. – to get a real sense of what’s on people’s minds about green vehicles, fuels, and the electric vehicle infrastructure. It’s amazing, sometimes stunning, how much is happening domestically and globally. There’s also a few changes that have been made to ADW Green: Get Reel has been changed to Video News & Views. This title was changed over first in Dealer Digest Daily, and viewers loved finding out it was actually good video to watch. And new sections are titled OEMs & Green Suppliers; Plug-in, Hybrid & Fuel Cell Vehicles; Alternative Fuels & Vehicles (covering natural gas, propane, and biofuels); Green Resources & Sources now covers reports, whitepapers, and association news.

As for Green Machine Digest, the floor is open for visions and viewpoints, and this could go into ancillary topics whether that be vehicle safety, telematics, global politics, renewable energy, etc. You’ll see guest commentators and much of it will come from ADW Green editor Jon LeSage. Your viewpoints and feedback are more than welcomed.

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Green Machine Digest blog starting soon

Green Machine Digest will be launched next week. It’s Automotive Digest Green’s daily blog and offers opinions, perspectives, visions, and diatribes on alternative fuel vehicles. What do you have to say about green machines? This will be a chance to read industry voices and their take on what’s happening. And you can put yours out to the internet universe as well. Stay tuned.

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Tesla and Toyota Work Together in NUMMI Plant

Toyota Motor Corp. and Tesla Motors Inc. will develop battery-powered test versions of the Japanese carmaker’s RAV4 and Lexus RX in the first stage of a partnership in battery-electric vehicles, according to a Bloomberg report. Not long ago, Tesla surprised Southern California (especially the cities of Downey and Long Beach) by announcing it would be building electric cars out of Toyota’s NUMMI plant in Fremont, Calif., the former joint venture site between Toyota and GM. So now Tesla is adding on to its role in the battery vehicle sector. Here’s the link:

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Changes in store at Automotive Digest Green

Next week Thursday, there will be a few changes made at Automotive Digest Weekly Green. There will be new content sections focusing on electric vehicles, alternative fuels, OEMs and suppliers, and other stuff. If time works out there will also be a blog starting up called Green Machine Digest, or the following week if necessary. Stay tuned and start thinking of what you want to post.

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