ChargeView Dealing with Troublesome Home Charging Realities

When highly anticipated plug-in cars come out by the end of this year, one thing to keep in mind is how home charging stations are going to be set up for customers. This will vary depending on municipal building codes and electric utility policies. Installations will be done through outside vendors working with dealerships, and they’ll need to be inspected by the city’s building department and by the utility. All of this depends on where you live, and the rules and inspections governing installation – so we could be talking about 30 days after the car buyer brings home the Volt or Leaf before they get to have Level 2 charging set up in their garage. In other words, car buyers are going to get quite peeved when they find out about it.

ChargeView ( is a start-up technology supplier that we interviewed at Plug-In 2010 to find out about why the company started and the void that it will be filling. OEMs, dealers, and charging station makers should be happy to hear about such offerings being available – could reduce stress and headaches, and angry customers turning their backs on electric cars.


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